Natural rhythm

Since I started looking closer to my own learning, I could not stop analyzing my own bio rhythm more closely. When it comes to attention span and productivity, not all parts of the day are equal. More than this, not all people have the same rhythm.

When I was still having a Monday to Friday job, the peak of my productivity was Sunday evening. Maybe it was just the idea that I’m starting all over on Monday and it’s the “last chance” to work on my own side projects, or just the energy I was receiving from my mindfulness meetings (usually taking place on Sunday evenings) — I was on fire.

For the past year though, since I do not have that daily routine keeping me in a certain rhythm, it became even more important for me to figure out what works best and what needs to improve. I still work better late in the evening hence even my blog entries will usually be written around / after midnight. While mornings are quieter, I tend to dedicate more time to watching webinars/periscope broadcasts early in the morning. Evenings are for doing and getting things rolling.

In which part of the day are you the most efficient?