Social media and schools

I was inspired by one of the keynote speakers at the latest Google training at which I’ve been speaking as well — his whole talk was about using Social Media in schools.

While I am also working on my social media learning objective for over half a year now, I get to see more and more people tapping into the creative power it can provide. Yet, in most cases, when it comes to schools using it, it’s just a thing to be ticked off a checklist. Just a few posts here and there. Maybe some promoted announcements on Facebook or twitter. Some bragging about some events happening in the school. Only around those events. In the rest of the time, blissful silence…

While I am happy to see schools heading this way, I’d be even happier to see them using Social Media for it’s true nature: building relationships. With parents, with students, with visitors, with prospects, with possible supporters of the school. Starting dialogues. Showcasing student work. Praising achievements. Taking a stance against things when the need arises. Having a voice in the community. Becoming a real educational institution — outside its normal crowd.

There’s nothing wrong in bragging with your achievements, don’t get me wrong. But having this as your only focus on Social Media leaves out so much uneaten pie on the table… and that’s a shame!