Press Release project OpenAssets

Bogdan Sechkin
Dec 6, 2017 · 2 min read

Team OpenAssets launching a large scale project for the ICO. In fact, it is an open ecosystem for more effective communication of the ICO projects with investors/traders/experts.


Now, the market is booming ICO projects. Simultaneously some 160 teams to attract investment. However, few who collect large sums for your project, because many key factors were missed.

In the near future OpenAssets will help new ICO projects:
1. To analyze the market.
2. To attract investments.
3. Output the tokens on the exchange.
4. Bring in the experts.
5. For help in conducting the ICO.
More detail you can read on our website or WhitePaper.

Also, our team will select the best ideas and implement them together with startups.

Road map.

The project will be in several stages. They will go in parallel to speed up the development of the project.
The duration of one phase ~ 1 year.

The first stage investment.
In 2018, we have planned several events related to investment attraction.
Pre-ICO will be held from 26 February to 1 April. For sale will be available 5,000,000 of our tokens for the price of 1 USD, do not forget about the bonuses.
ICO — main event of the year for OpenAssets. It will be held from 27 August to 30 September. For purchase will be available 34,000,000 tokens for the price of 1 USD.
Also, we won’t delay the development by the ICO, we want to introduce MVP some of our services.

Second stage — development. The development of our project will start after the Pre-ICO. For the ICO team OpenAssets wants to represent MVP.

The third step is testing. One of the key stages that will be serious adjustments for safety. At this stage you will test all the services offered by our team.


Every day, thousands of ideas for the ICO, but not everyone can implement them.
Our perspective is proportional to the ICO market. Now 160 projects tomorrow — 250, and a week later — 700.
We expect that in 2019 will be at the stage of preparation for the ICO more than 1,000 projects.

Attraction of investments.

As already mentioned, OpenAssets uses ICO to attract investment and distribution of tokens. It is running on the Ethereum platform, so the rate of the token depends on the cryptocurrency of the same name.
Also, the rate depends on the time of contributions received. During Pre-ICO investors will be made a discount of 50%. The base price of a token $ 1 in ETH.

All detailed information can be obtained on the website OpenAssets or Telegram chat of the project.

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