Pieces Of Time For One And For All

It’s time to look at the pieces of a whole.

The pieces not regarded,

The pieces we’ve been told:

“These pieces should be guarded.”

“This piece should not be sold.”

Yes, these pieces of the people that piece together the soul.

And peace cannot be granted

Until peace forever is gold…

…Or golden…

Because the golden rule of rulers doesn’t translate that gold is peace at all.

Or the piece one tucks and hold,

To bring peace out of a peace maker, please revolve it slow.

Our 2nd amendment makes way for abuses of the 1st to scream out from the cold.

But let’s be all things: rational




A contradiction of excitement and tranquility excreted from the pores of our own accord.

In a space of ignored options when time is a luxury only God can afford.

So we’re knee deep in debt looking for easy credit we don’t have in store for us to hoard.

Sometimes I think its ignorance,

Sometimes I think we’re just bored.

But there’s more to what we see then what we see

More to what we feel than what we feel

More to what we touch than what is real

More to what we think than we conceal.

Because life’s deep,

So love deeper than you can speak,

Fight harder than you can break,

Kiss longer than you can take,

And look further than you can seek.

From the start, never stop smilin’, lest the devil win,

And it’s tempting to start wildin’, or let the rebel in,

Spend life set in sin with bad timing or just times to revel in?

But what do I know…I’m a simple sinner like us all.

It’s just my opinion,

It may all be in my head but time will tell the end.

Omar Perez