Alison Scott
Mar 31 · 2 min read

First Thursday London SF Fan Virtual Drinks

London SF fans have met up every first Thursday of the month for a long time, and we are continuing to do so in lockdown. But we can’t do it in person, so we’re going to be at

on 6 August from 6pm to 10pm.

Note that depending on your platform, this link will try download Zoom if you don’t already have it. You can cancel the download and ‘join by browser’ instead — the browser client is less full-featured.

I’ve taken the embedded password off the zoom link here — message me or comment if you need it and I’ll get in touch.

Please share this with people who you know typically come to the Bishop’s Finger for the First Thursday meeting.

People have been asking whether this will be the last one. At present we’re still not able to hold group meetings in pubs (you can meet up with one other household indoors from 4 July) and I’m assuming at the moment that that will still be the case in August. Watch this space.

Can I suggest that you come roughly when you normally would rather than all getting there at 6? There’ll be ‘breakout rooms’ (subrooms for Zoom) that correspond, approximately, to tables in the Bishop’s Finger according to the floor plan below. I’ll make everyone cohosts when they arrive; cohosts can move people (including themselves) to any breakout rooms they like (don’t use this maliciously); aim to go to the sorts of places you normally sit in the pub.

I’ll have a team of people helping me, so it might not be me milling about in the hosting area when you get there. When you arrive you’ll be in the waiting room, and there’s a chance if we don’t know you we’ll have a little chat to make sure you’re not a zoom bomber. Yes, this is literal gatekeeping; we’re sorry this is necessary.

Image for post
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People using zoom on their phone or tablet may not get the breakout rooms controls, and some versions of Zoom don’t get breakouts at all; those people can just mill around in the main space. But this should stop us from being a gathering of many people all trying to talk at once.

There’s a 100 person limit on my account. I don’t expect to hit that, but if we do I will suggest that people move to an overflow virtual pub somewhere.

Some good tips on using Zoom at, including:

- ‘mute all the time and just press space when you want to speak’.

- there is a text chat popup, which is jolly useful, and you can message individuals too.

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