Tricks To Get Featured On Coachella News

Coachella is almost here — so close you can practically touch it. As you flaunt your new found love for all things boho, at the back of your mind is a niggling question — will you be featured on Coachella news. You know the biggest websites tracking every outfit seen in the valley and if you’re lucky (and amazingly dressed) you might just make the cut.

Here are a few ways you can get published on Coachella —

Smaller Brands Win The Race

With Coachella, what sets non celebrity featured people apart from others is how unique their clothing is. You can’t do this by taking a trip to Zara or Louis Vuitton. It’s smaller brands like One Tribe Apparel, Arnhem Clothing, and Bits and Pieces that will be your ticket to stardom.

Embroidered shorts and kimonos from One Tribe Apparel

Trends Don’t Always Bear Fruit

Coachella is the place where the Spring trends emerge. Remember how flower crown was so it that the entire cast of Hannibal couldn’t stay without it? Well, it became that big with Coachella — only to fall on its face last year because of he edgy trend of chokers. You do you and do it great.

Taylor Swift rocks a one of a kind choker

Basic Looks Can Be Pretty Great Too

There is no such thing as basic in Coachella. Prefer a white on white combo? Coachella has your back. Fan of stone washed denims with a white tee? Coachella will stand by you. Basic looks are elevated by how your accessorise them. Something as simple as a monochrome outfit can become great with a bit of right accessories.

A flower crown that actually adds to the outfit

Finally, don’t forget that comfort comes above all else. Make sure you click beautiful pictures and focus on the details of your outfit. Tag the brands you’re wearing on your Instagram post so that they can share your pictures to their thousands of followers as well. Stay chic!