Bohnd Bracelet’s Pitch Night

What happens when 7 student entrepreneurs get on stage to pitch their idea to an audience whose votes decide the winner? Magic.

Apr 14, 2017 · 4 min read
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pc: @AMillerKnaack

Cody and I started Bohnd Bracelets when we were in school at WKU (Go Tops!) and had everything in place. A solid business plan, contacts for manufacturers, initial designs, but were lacking a crucial element to get it off the ground — a small amount of funding to get the first prototypes made.

Being broke college students, we started to look around to see what opportunities were available that didn’t include investing our own bank accounts. Luckily, we found a business plan/pitch competition and submitted right away. We placed and used the winnings to fund the initial product.

As we began to build out the company, we always knew we wanted it to be more than just a bracelet. Seeing that our product is aimed at bringing people together, we saw a unique opportunity to build a model that allowed students to get over the inevitable funding hump, and double it as an opportunity to enable the community around them to invest.

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pc: Clark Buckner

Voila — Bohnd Bracelet Pitch Night. Students 18 and under can apply with their idea — it can be a service project, a technology company, a documentary — as long as it is aimed at bringing people together. If they are selected, they receive the opportunity to pitch their idea to an audience.

The audience pays $5 and receives tacos, a Bohnd Bracelet and a vote. Once all of the students have pitched, the audience casts their vote and the student with the most receives all of the $5 collected at the door. Think Shark Tank meets Kickstarter.

We heard from 4 amazing student led social enterprises who all have taken the first, scary step of getting in front of a crowd and sharing their idea. After all of the pitches, we tallied the votes and Coffee4College was able to take home $500 to further their mission. They plan to use the funds to build a website, which will allow for students to sign up for the program.

For those who came to pitch night or have supported it along the way, this would not have been possible without you. Your entry fee and vote are making it possible for a student to take the next step in turning their idea into a reality.

Find out more about each project below!

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Gregory August III, Derrion Malik Hall, Yahya Ali

We strive to help students decrease their college fees by selling bags of coffee. We hope to send them off into a new world with courage and ambition. (Pitch Night Winner)

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Jake Slipkovich, Sherwin Nazemi

We want to create pieces of art that spread awareness to different non-profit organizations to potentially sell/donate.

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Fashion With a Purpose

Justin Ridgel

My dad works with a non-profit called The Upendo Women’s Foundation. They make feminine hygiene kits (including handmade reusable sanitary pads) and go to different villages in Africa and distribute them to the girls in the area. My idea is to create a t-shirt line, then allocate proceeds to this foundation.

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Be ProActive

Anjahla Brown

My idea will help keep low income families from stressing about bills, putting clothes on their children’s back and putting food on the table. Be ProActive is an app/website with a variety jobs on it. People who are interested can sign up, complete a job, and as a result we will pay one of their bills. Once they do the job correctly, we give them an option to choose which bill they need payed. Also you have an option to select which job you’re going to apply for depending on your situation and education.

Much Love.

Jeremy + Cody

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