Living and Dying on Airbnb
Zak Stone


It’s insensitive to say, but you’re unfit to write this and I don’t like you. I don’t know you, but I feel safe saying that anyone who pulls out a camera while their father is dying is someone I might dislike. Make excuses for it all you’d like, you still did it.

Your Crazy Leaps

While I’m looking like an ass, lets pile it on. I dislike the leap you’re making between this accident and a need for increased regulation. I’m sure you’re still grieving and maybe assigning blame helps. Whatever the cause, you’re not a logical dude right now… or maybe ever, I don’t know which. Regardless, connecting the dots isn’t your jam right now.

A tree on an AirBnB host’s property broke. It was a tragic accident and you lost someone you love. You’re making a significant leap to connect that to a need for AirBnB to be under stricter regulations. Would these hypothetical regulators inspect trees on every property? Would every tree get a certificate for various activities such as swinging, climbing, picnics in their shade, etc?

Also, you mention the ‘other AirBnB death that they don’t talk about’. A carbon monoxide poisoning accident in Taiwan? Really? Wow, things are really terrible at AirBnB. Maybe as soon as any traveler steps into Asia they ought to assume safety standards aren’t up to par with the U.S. That’s part of traveling into developing nations.

Two crazy random accidents and a dog bite after millions of stays… it’s not a terrible safety record. Something terrible happened to you, but it was random, not part of a pattern.

I Don’t Like You

I’m sure you and I could never reconcile our views. I think you’re childish because you don’t have a sense of personal responsibility. Real adults don’t look to the government to keep them safe and inspect every rope swing they’ll ever use.

If all the opinions expressed in the article were privately brought to me by a friend who had lost their father, I’d be sympathetic and kinder. But publicly calling for intervention? People like you make the world a paranoid, over-regulated place.

An Increasingly Paranoid Population

You made the point yourself, if every property was legally a Bed & Breakfast, they’d have had to conform to many more regulations:

“Had the hosts of the Texas property opted to become part of a community of more traditional B&Bs, they would have encountered a cumbersome but rigorous process, according to the Texas Bed and Breakfast Association’s executive director Connie Hall.”

So two tragic accidents and a dog bite, and you’d be willing to put tens of thousands of people under cumbersome regulation?

I’m sure that many people don’t not have apartments that meet every code and their ability to earn additional income that makes a big difference in their lives would end. AirBnB shifts revenues away from large hotel chains and into the pockets of the average Joe or Jane. You’d shift it back into corporate pockets and are you even sure that 1 carbon monocide death in a million is above average? Statistically, that could be normal.

You can grieve without trying to disgrace a company that did nothing wrong but then again, you took pictures of your fatally injured father and then wrote a blog post on how… what? What is this even about? That his rope swing death would have been prevented if AirBnB properties were classified as a Bed & Breakfast? Is that even true? They’d have shut-down that rope swing?

We won’t agree and that’s fine. I know I’ll likely be viewed as an insensitive prick for writing this. That’s fine too. I prefer to be on the opposite sidelines when it comes to people like you. I just want the sane people that read this article to read the comments and see that some people do believe adults should have a sense of personal responsibility.