Afraid to code? Debug the common fears keeping you from your dream job.

FEAR #1: You Don’t Have “The Brain” For Coding.

Whether you’re good at algebra, fluent in three languages, or have a fine arts degree, learning to code is challenging. The good news is, current studies show programming triggers the language centers of the brain. It’s a learned skill, and when it’s taught like a new language, you’ll be surprised how quickly your brain catches on. At BoiseCodeWorks, some of our best students have come from backgrounds as diverse as music, construction, real estate and more.

FEAR #2: Struggling solo.

Coding bootcamps are group focused. It’s not uncommon for cohorts to show up before class and stay well after it ends, not to mention weekend study groups and hackathons! The instructors are readily available for weekly chats or office hours and during class. We at BoiseCodeWorks have mentors that add support whenever you get stuck on a problem. Welcome to our big, nerdy family.

FEAR #3: You Can’t Afford It.

Classes are structured to accommodate different schedules and varying price points. We urge students to explore educational loans, scholarships, and payment plans so you can start learning as soon as possible. Check out our tuition page to find out more about our pricing structure and aid partners!

FEAR #4: You Don’t Have Time.

Time and effort are two things you won’t want to compromise on when you decide to enroll in a coding bootcamp. But between our Immersive Full Stack cohort, After Hours Web Dev cohort, and our UX/UI Design course, we are certain you can find the class that best fits your schedule. Also, our student portal will be available to you 24/7 so you can be reviewing lessons and going through exercises when class is not in session.

FEAR #5: You Don’t Know Where To Begin

The internet has you covered! There are free online tutorials and plenty of youtube videos that walk you through the basics to get started. This will help get your feet wet and build confidence before you begin one of our courses!

FEAR #6: You Don’t Have Any Experience, Fancy Equipment, or Software.

Tech is a fantastic industry because you don’t need years of experience or high-end equipment to get going. The class is designed for people who want to have experience. You are simply asked to bring a laptop to class and the instructors take care of any necessary downloads you’ll need, additional work monitors, and endless popcorn.

FEAR #7: You Aren’t Sure What Job You Want In Tech.

There’s a multitude of exciting jobs in tech — from the super creative to the truly technical. And once you start learning, you will find certain aspects that peak your interest. Our instructors encourage inspiration, so if you want to take a project and run with it, the world is your oyster! Tech also enables you to work for yourself in a way that.

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