FireFan My New App of the Week— One of the best new sport apps

Well Guys if you were wondering What is Firefan? The wait is over. The hottest app on the market was finally released to the market, 2 weeks ago! In this Firefan review we will talk about the app for which there were literally hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions of people were waiting for the release.

FireFan is a game changer! It’s way more than an app. Its real-time play that puts your head in the game literally! You predict the scores. You call the plays. You decide the action. The penalties and even more remarkable…you get a chance to compete against your favorite sports heroes, celebs, your college buds, friends and family, or die-hard fanatics just like you. You can play for free, or join our League. The better your calls, the more accurate your predictions, the faster you’ll move up in the standings. Forget the statistics. Rely on your instincts. Anyone, any age, any level can play.

FireFan is not gambling. In order for a game to be considered gambling, three criteria MUST be present, and it MUST contain all three.

* Consideration: payment in money, time, or anything of value in order to participate

* Prize: a prize of tangible value offered in conjunction with the prediction or game outcome

* Game of Chance vs. Game of Skill: the determination of if a game requires skill or chance in order to win.

FireFan has two out of three elements, but never ALL three, therefore, we are NOT gambling any more.

You do earn points in the game, which help you accrue loyalty rewards points. Those points can then be redeemed for actual rewards merchandise such as sports apparel, game tickets, autographed memorabilia, etc.

How to use it?

1. Find the FireFan sports app in the Google Play /App Store of your mobile device.

2. Install FireFan

3. Enter code “MVP4FREE” during signup (which is 100% FREE)

4. Launch app and begin your journey

To get registered just follow the link below and get your free tokens!

Official sign up website to get the app: Firefan app

Come play with us! Our Sports Fans are on Fire!

Get it from the links bellow but remember to enter the code to get tokens that will save you money.

Google Play Download Link: FireFan

App Store Download Link: FireFan

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