Iron the Jumper, a simple but yet so challenging casual game, hard to master

Iron the Jumper

Not everyone wants to commit hours of their day to playing games on their phone. That is why casual games exist! You can drop in, play whenever you want to at your own pace, and be as lay back or as competitive as you want. Most casual games are free, offering in-app purchases and some ads, while a few will cost you a dollar or two, but they are totally worth it. For this review, we have found you a game app, Iron the Jumper.

What is Iron the Jumper?

Iron the Jumper is brand new addictive and challenging game developed by Mate Devs. It is kind of free endless gameplay based game where you play as a tiny man iron. The game requires no special controls, as it is simple on tap game tap the screen and make the Iron to jump. From its appearances, it seems to be quite easy game but in fact it is not as you must have a good hand to mind coordination to tap the right direction and at the right time to keep iron alive.

You can see green and red colored circular object on both left and right side of the screen. green ones are good for you as there are coins in these while collecting the red one will pull down the spiked bar hanging at the top of the screen and you game play will over. For longer jumps, you need a constant tapping.

The game comes up with beautiful retro style pixelate graphics that you will love. Moreover, the game play also allows you to play by selecting different characters and gameplay environment that can be unlocked by using the coins you have collected in the game. It also allows you to compete through its global leaderboards.

In short, the game holds much more fun for your boredom to have a great time. Do not hesitate to download, as it is free and compatible with all android devices. You can install it directly from the link present at the end of this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: Iron The Jumper