MenxApp is a Great Contact Organizer App That Will Let You Add Lists, Tags & Manage Phone Book and Calls in the Fast and Easy Way

Bojan Savikj
Dec 27, 2017 · 2 min read

If you want to share your contacts from the smartphone or to sync them with people, nowadays many apps are especially created to help you with that issue. However, finding the best app that will efficiently help you organize, group, manage, sync and share contacts is not easy.

Recently I’ve discovered MenxApp which is all that and designed in a simple, lightweight & very intuitive UI.

With the app, users can share and manage contacts by preference, reaching every contact from their phonebook on their fingerprints, whenever they need it and want it. The app is a smart choice for people part of teams that need sync contacts with colleagues or friends in real time, quickly.

At its core MenxApp as a phonre calls and contacts manager for android phones that will efficiently import every contact from your phonebook. Instantly and easily.

By using this app, users are allowed to organize and manage the contacts by their own preference, and even use the option to set them with tags, lists filters. The contact organizer app allows users to sync contacts with other people easily in real time.

The users with the app can have control over the permission of who can access specific contacts from their phonebook. Users can backup and restore the contacts from their phonebook on any device if to need to, without any issue. Individuals can use the app for free as people that are part of teams and need only the basic features from the app. With the app, collaborations among colleagues and friends will be easier, allowing them to sync and share contacts in real time.

Download this app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: MenxApp

Bojan Savikj

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Tech & apps can change any life to the better | Digital Marketer, Writer, Editor

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