Pyxsee, The All-in-One Social Media Manager, Adds Parental Control & Timer Feature Making it an Even Better Management & Productivity Tool

Pyxsee is one of the best all-in-one social media managers that gives ability to users to view & post all of their social media accounts from social media services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. With a simple login you can connect your account to all of your desired social media accounts.

After you connected your desired accounts you can view all of the posts, comment, and even share posts/statuses and anything you like on all accounts at once. This not only increases productivity, it also saves you storage space (especially if you are a heavy social media user).

In the latest update, the team of Pyxsee prepared new features that will make the app even more useful, especially for parents.

Pyxsee Parental Guidance (PG)

Parental Guidance

I already said that at its core Pyxsee is still a great social media account manager. However, now, with the latest parental control feature, the app gives great opportunity to parents to keep track of the time their kids spend on social media.

The team of Pyxsee is calling “ Pyxsee Parental Guidance (PG)”. The feature requires for the dependent (your kid) to get access from you or to browse his accounts under your supervision. The great thing about this feature is that the parent can set duration of the access (time tracker) and thus limit their kid’s social media usage time. For parents this gives a peace of mind, increases productivity and helps them reduce the kid’s time wasting habits. Users can easily sign up for the various affordable Pyxsee Parental Guidance (PG) subscription plans.

Additionally, the app gives detailed interesting stats about how much time you spend on each social media.

With its intuitive UI, elegant graphic design and beautifully typography, Pyxsee is also very enjoyable to use on day-to-day basis. If you are looking for social media management and parental control solution, you will never find a better app than Pyxsee.

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