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When I wrote about Swift Currency Converter back in December as the best currency converter app for Android, I didn’t even knew if the developer will make an iOS version of the app. Now, after it has been live for few weeks, it’s time to present Rapid Currency Converter, the iOS version of the critically acclaimed Swift Currency Converter!

Fresh, sleek and extremely fast iPhone Currency Converter

My first impressions of using it on daily basis are great. The app is indeed well crafted and given the great optimization of the iOS apps, the developer took full advantage of the iOS operating system. Everything is well crafted, fast, smooth and well-organized.

Only few days of moderate usage were enough for me to conclude that this is a great conversion app, maybe even better from the Android version. With simple words, this is a very comprehensive app that helps to keep track of all world currencies in one simple app.

For those looking for something useful, fast and conversion app that works offline, this app is for them. It has an integrated calculator and a multiple currency display. This currency converter has no fancy graphs or complications, just straight-up conversion. It’s the easiest and most intuitive iPhone currency converter app we’ve used till date!

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