Take your security while typing on another level with CipherBoard

When it comes to movies, the first in a series is almost always the best. The same also applies to Android, which had customizable, third-party keyboards long before Apple ever dreamed of adding this feature to iOS 8.

Over the years, developers have knocked out some impressive wares for text entry on smartphones and tablets, meaning there are more choices than ever before — literally hundreds of them are on Google Play alone! Thankfully, we are here to whittle this enormous list down and have chosen the best one that is CipherBoard — Secure & Encrypted Keyboard.

CipnerBoard the Encrypted Keyboard

CipherBoard — Secure & Encrypted Keyboard for quick and blunder free writing helps you dispose of grammatical errors and compose messages in lightning speed.

However the key feature comes with the encryption of messages. Anything can be easily encrypted and it is the only one that enables this feature. You can have a secure conversation within your favorite email application or Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder or the web. CipherBoard is the first fully encrypted keyboard that you can use across platforms!

The main console is intended to give an ideal writing background on touch gadgets. Moreover, as the name suggest it adds few more features to its normal keyboard function by means of allowing you to send encrypted text messages to the selected audience so you are always confident while composing your text messages.

It is installed as an alternative to the standard keyboard and thus is available in all apps that need keyboard access. In addition to this, this app offers 1000+ emojis allows you to express your words more perfectly and add some creativity to your messages.

In terms of privacy, this app claims to be very secure and private and there is no process of uploading your data to its cloud storage.

Have this secure keyboard app today free for your Android and iOS devices and make your chats more exciting. Simply tap the link present below and get that for your iOS or Android OS devices.

App Store Download Link: CipherBoard — Secure & Encrypted Keyboard

Google Play Download Link: CipherBoard — Secure & Encrypted Keyboard

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