The Time Machine — One of the Many Amazing Story Apps From eReadingBook Created to Help Kids With Reading Issues

Chapter 11 of Time Machine

I always believed that apps can offer great value in people’s lives, not only as a support to tackle through daily activities, but also to help in education and the ones that have some kind of issues or disability. I found about The Time Machine (story app create for kids or older children with reading issues) on one of my favorite blogs.

What it intrigued me was that this developing studio ( already had created several other apps for the same purpose. I’ve read most of them and I can reassure anyone that these apps can be helpful and are truly interesting to read for anyone.

The Time Machine is truly an amazing and well thought story! Throughout all time it is engaging with professional narration, animation, word highlighting, and vivid illustrations. It is indeed a great app to get and spend an afternoon reading with your kid.

Going through all apps of eReadingBook you may realized that their apps are all built on the same great concept and style. Most of the stories are translate into multiple languages too.

The Time Machine is most certainly an amazing story. However, no matter which of these apps you pick, they will aid the cognitive processes used in speaking, reading, spelling, and writing.

One thing is certain, all of these stories are adjusted for older kids with reading issues and in this form they can be really useful for parents and teachers.

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