What are you attempting to control, this or that?

THIS makes all the difference…

We’re all human, which means that from time to time we can end up feeling like we don’t have as much control as we’d like when it comes to the things happening in our life and biz… however, just because you can’t control each and every circumstance and outcome, doesn’t mean that you totally lack any power.

In fact, in each and every moment, you can always choose to tap into your innate power — the power that allows you to unlock your ability to create what it is that you do desire.

That power, in part, comes from your ability to control your response to what is happening in your outside world.

You see, you CAN choose how you want to respond vs. unconsciously choosing to react out of old habits and patterns that no longer serve you.

You always have the ability to select those responses that allow you to feel good.

You always have the ability to select those responses that allow you to recalibrate and create from a higher vibe state.

You always have the ability to choose alignment, even when your outside world feels uncontrollable and full of chaos.

One of the most powerful and quickest ways to do regain your personal power and recalibrate into your next level of alignment is by unlocking the mysteries of the divine, aligning with the power of the universal laws and boosting your manifesting mojo as you activate & create from that space.

The universal laws are always taking place.

In fact, we’re always interacting with the divine universal laws in some form or fashion — even when we’re not aware of what they actually are or how to practically use them to serve us!

Just like in this physical world we have scientific laws, such as gravity, that have an effect on us… the same is true for our “spiritual world”…

When you raise your awareness and unlock the mysteries of the universal laws and learn to align with them (instead of unconsciously creating more struggle and lack by accidentally working against them), no matter what is going on this the world around you…

No matter how much things feel “out of your control”…

No matter chaos is surrounding you…

… You always have the power to regain a bit of control — doing so from the inside out — and consciously choosing to align with the way the universe actually works.

… when you learn to do that, ohhh holy hell does the “game of life and biz” actually change for you for the better!

Why are unlocking the universal laws so damn powerful you ask?

Because likely, up until now, you’ve been attempting to play a “game” that you have no effing idea even had “rules”, much less what they actually are… so you haven’t been setting yourself up for success — because if you don’t know what game you’re playing or the rules of that game — how the hell do you expect to consistently “win”?!

That would be like you attempting to play basketball for the first time in your life, before you actually knew what the game was or how the game worked… and thinking that you’d be able to figure it out along the way and maybe you do or maybe you get confused and think it’s supposed to be more like soccer…

… you see those games are two totally different ways of operating and therefore they require totally different perspectives, techniques and other things in order to play the games to win!

… the same is true when it comes to the universal laws of life that dictate this game that we chose to “do life (& biz)” in this lifetime…

THIS is why & how the universal laws can allow you to regain some of your control, even if you feel stuck and struggling — it’s because you can always choose to tap into your innate power — the power that allows you to unlock your ability to create & actually manifest whatever the fuck it is that you actually desire.

However, you only unlock this power within you when you shine your light on it and call your awareness to it — when you remember that all you really need is already inside of you (ya know, since we’re made of the same stuff as the universe… therefore we are an expression of the divine made flesh) and you just have to have the courage to align with it and the willingness to see it thru.

Curious to find out more of what I mean in practical terms? Check out this Facebook live that I did earlier today on, “The divine law of expectancy in action & how it affects you & biz for the better or worse…”

You see, ultimately, it all boils down to this… the Universe is a friendly place and it IS FOR you… and when you learn to unlock the mysteries of the divine and align with them… well, what I know for sure is that you’ll begin to see success manifesting in your life and biz in ways that you’ve never even dreamed were possible!

How the hell do I know?? Because I’ve lived it. I’ve gone from struggling to survive, constantly living in fear and chaos and feeling like I was powerless and my life was out of control — however, thankfully that all began to change as I welcomed in a whole new level of freedom that came with the power of aligning with these universal principles which govern the laws of our universe.

Life (& my biz) suddenly started to make sooo much more sense, and everything began to shift into more ease, more joy, more flow as I learned to let go constantly over analyzing and stressing over the shit that I couldn’t actually control (as I was unknowingly, simultaneously using that as a distraction to not stand in my power and take charge of what I actually did have control over) and began to release it to the universe and align and allow the magic of manifesting to take over.

… and that magic of manifesting sure did take over in the most wonderful and glorious and beautiful ways ❤

… It’s not secret though, what’s available for me is also available to you… you just got unlock it, align with it and begin to allow the manifesting magic to take over.


YOU. GOT. THIS. You are a POWERFUL Manifestor — Now it’s all about consciously choosing to manifest what you desire!

Love, gratitude and abundance flowing your way now,

Alicia Hawkins
Your Go-to Transformational Strategist bringing calm to your chaos

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