There’s no need to apologize for using your voice and expressing your truth…

… yes, at times it may trigger others.

It may activate others to use their voice and express their current opinion (which may or may not be their own truth btw) as well.

It may become uncomfortable and potentially confrontational when you fully unleash…

… but, so what?

What does that really matter in the grand scheme of things?

… will your world really and truly fall apart?

OR does it give you the opportunity to stand fully in your own power and truth and pure and divine expression no matter what?

So what if no one else agrees with you.

So what if no one else validates you.

So what if you don’t bend yourself to please others….


What you need is to stand in your power.

Which means that you’re taking responsibility for fulfilling your own needs — and that means that when you unleash your magic and you speak your truth- you can do it from a place of purity, a place of love, a place of service — a place that doesn’t require an outside source to fill you up and make you whole.

You are already whole.
You are already divine. 
You are already perfectly imperfect.

When you stand in that truth and operate from your highest level (& not the bullshit automatic programming from your past) none of that matters…

… because you matter to yourself.

… and you KNOW and believe beyond a shadow of doubt that the content that you put out, the way that you unleash your magic and express and USE YOUR VOICE..

… all of it — all of you — IS OF VALUE TO YOUR TRUE SOULMATE TRIBE

**it’s exactly what they need to hear at the exact right moment

And when you feed that belief and focus your time, energy and attention on THAT.

On showing up fully as you are in each and every moment real raw and authentically-

YOU are living out your soul’s mission in this lifetime.

You’re making an impact in a beautiful and divine way that only YOU can.

You’re reaching and healing and teaching and Transforming and resonating with people that ONLY YOU CAN.

And when you get out of your own Goddamm way and stop making it about you and your fear of being visible and speaking your truth and standing in your power…

… when you open and surrender to the divine and allow the message that is needed to come thru you -

THAT is when the old gut reaction of apologizing for having an opinion different from someone else ceases to matter. It won’t even be a thought in your mind.

Because you’ll know, that even if that did happen ( & it does) … someone else’s truth doesn’t mean that your truth isn’t true for you.

That’s a decision that only you can make tho. 
And that decision comes when you commit to your vision, living out your souls mission, standing in your power and owning your awesome- that’s when you resurrect your own divine magic.

Everything you need is just waiting within you to be unleashed.

Do you have the courage to Crack open your soul and let it out to shine for all the world see?

THAT’S what the world needs more of right now — all of you in your own divine and magical glory.

Are you willing to give yourself and the world that beautiful gift?!


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