Are you Smart despite your Smart gadget(s)?

I’m a 20 year old, and I don’t use a smart phone.

I’m in my 3rd year of my B.Tech in Electronics and Communications and am interning with Bold Kiln. This is (a bit) of my story.

‘Every one, almost every one has a smart phone today. I mean, even my maid has a smart phone. I, on the other hand, have never had a smart phone. Never. And honestly, I don’t plan on keeping one either.

However, back in 2006, if you had a mobile phone you were seen as the ultimate techie, the super guy and just a decade later, mobile phones or rather smart phones can be seen with one and all. Smart phones are not even symbolic anymore, let alone be a sign of your geekiness. There are still, quite a few people — like me— who still survive on their little feature phones and it is no wonder that the first question they are asked is “tere phone ko kya hua?”.

So to explain my ‘featured’ stand (and possibly theirs also), here are a few of my reasons:

  • We want to get bored
    Smart phones don’t let you get bored. But guess what, we want to get bored because how are we supposed to think of something creative to do until and unless we have nothing to do. I mean, the smart phone will just not bore one out, and there would always be ten things on the mind. We don’t want that, no, we want to get bored. We want to push ourselves to the limit where we think on our own, and not with the help of a gadget.
  • We want to explore
    Smart phones give you everything in your hand ranging from restaurants to addresses to shoes to everything. But we ‘featured’ people like to explore all of it by ourselves. Imagine what fun it would be to talk to 10 new people just to find that address. THAT IS CALLED ‘SOCIALISING’!!!
  • We want to make real friends
    Nowadays, it is very common to see a group of acquaint strangers chatting with their virtual friends. For us, it simply doesn’t make sense to ignore the person sitting by your side and talking to someone miles away.
  • We are not slaves
    We love that we don’t have to care for something as if was it was our offspring. And no, it doesn’t affect us if we leave our phones behind.
One of our interns — Samay, authored this piece.

On observing that he was the rare part of the millennial clan (he’s all of 20 years old) that doesn’t have a life that revolves around their cellphones — we couldn’t but help ask him to pen down his thoughts on why he uses a feature phone and not a smart phone.

Our two cents?
He’s on point, for sure. We *are* stuck in the Smartphone Web!

What do you think?!

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