The ancient Chinese art feng shui is based on the idea that all objects contain energy — called chi — and if you can learn how to balance that energy you can use this chi to bring opportunities, luck and wealth into your home and into your life.

According to feng shui experts, you don’t have to spend decades on the couch with your therapist to change your life for the better, you simply have to move your couch to a different place to reap the benefits of the chi it possesses.

Feng shui studies the movement and flow of energy within a space and purposefully guides it to offer the greatest benefits and positive energy to its occupants. The aim of feng shui is to achieve balance in your living as well as your working space to maximize your potential for success in all areas of your life.

Literally translated, feng shui means ‘wind water’, which means that the wind scatters the energy and the water holds the energy. Here are our TOP 10 tips to get the energy in your space flowing and harmonize your life.


#1 Place Your Bed and Desk in a Command Position
One of the most fundamental and effective principles of feng shui is called ‘command position’, which means that certain objects are supposed to be facing the entry door. Some of the most important objects are your bed and desk as well as the stove. This is due to the fact that the main door to your space or room is called the ‘mouth of chi’ and is believed to be the portal though which energy comes into your space and life. When you are sitting at your desk or sleeping in your bed, it is best to be able to see the door while not being in direct line with it. A diagonal position to the door — while still facing it — is the best. Sure, this may not always be possible due to the way your apartment is laid out, but you can place a mirror in such a way that you can see the door in the reflection.

#2 Activate Your Front Door
We’ve just talked about the front door being the portal through which the energy comes into your home and life and with proper feng shui, the front door and entry way will always feel welcoming. Keep in mind, the first thing you see when you open the door sets the tone for the entire home, so make sure the front door is clean, free of obstacles and opens with ease. Place a beautiful piece of art, furniture or other object that feels pleasing to you at this all-important focal point. An open and inviting pathway allows positive energy into your home and life, so you don’t want the entry way to be closed off and create stagnant energy. A great idea is also to place a red flowering plant outside the door, or put some red accent colors on or around your front door because red attracts energy, luck and fortune.

#3 Declutter
A cardinal rule of feng shui is to have no clutter. The chi — or energy — must be able to flow freely all throughout your space and clutter disrupts the flow of energy, sucks up the energy and with that creates negative energy. Feng shui also believes that a cluttered space means a clutter mind, so decluttering has a positive impact on your home as well as your life. Keep in mind, simply hiding your clutter in the closet won’t change a thing. If there is clutter anywhere in your home — even tucked away in the attic — then there is clutter in your mind, as well as the rest of your body.

#4 Use Vibrant Plants and Wood Elements
Nature is the ultimate manifestation of unlimited abundance and wealth, so choose to replicate the lush energy of nature in your home to attract some of that same quality of energy for your space and life. Lucky bamboo or a money plant are great ideas and besides making your home more beautiful, if you use solid, good looking pots, you create an outstanding feng shui wealth magnet. The best places for your plants and greenery are the East, the Southeast and the South.

#5 Let the Water Flow
Fountains are very popular in feng shui, because water is associated with wealth and when you have a flowing water fountain in your home, it helps you to create cash flow. Also, fountains are natural ionizers, which means that they diffuse negative ions in the air when you use them indoors. The best place for your water fountain is facing the front door to signify wealth flowing into your home and life. However, avoid having a water fountain in your bedroom because there it represents worry and sorrow.

#6 Place Crystals Around the House
Crystals are an amazing powerhouse of positive, good feng shui energy and bring abundance to you from deep within the earth. The best choice to start with crystals is a clear quartz — preferably in its natural, rough shape — along with amethyst, citrine and pyrite. Pyrite is a wealth magnet, amethyst works well on a variety of different areas — including purifying the energy in your space and citrine is a manifestation gemstone that infuses your life with prosperity, light and happiness. Check if there is a crystal shop close to your home or search online and feel out which crystal speaks to you the most.

#7 Be Mindful of Color Choices
The use of color in feng shui relates to the five elements of earth, water, wood, fire and metal, so make sure that you have something representing each of the five elements in every room. The goal is to stay balanced, centered and grounded in your life as well as your environment, so try to incorporate all the colors that symbolize the five elements. Yellow, tan, orange and brown represent earth, black represents water, green represents wood, red represents fire and white represents metal. Keep in mind, you don’t have to paint every wall a different color, you can easily add colors with accessories or even clothing. There may be a certain energy that you require a bit more of, so adjust accordingly. If you need more stability and are lacking self-care, add more earth, the metal element provides more precision and clarity, if you are looking to increase flow and wisdom, call upon the element of water, wood energy kick-starts new beginnings and brings life energy into your space and the fire element works like a magnet if you need more recognition or passion.

#8 Clean All Windows
In feng shui windows symbolize the eyes to the world and of course you want to be able to see and experience everything the universe has to offer. So grab a bottle of vinegar and find some old newspaper and start to clean away the grime from your windows. It will brighten your space and open your eyes.

#9 Fix What’s Broken
If a drain is clogged, a drawer is stuck or the front door is squeaky, fix it. Feng shui believes that broken objects can become obstacles in your life and cause unnecessary stress that holds you back. Broken things in your home reflect a sense of brokenness in your life, so find everything that needs fixing and as soon as your done fixing everything you will feel a positive change of energy.

#10 Use Mirrors Wisely
Mirrors reflect energy, so use mirrors wisely and place them around your house in spots where you are looking for an increased flow of energy. Also, make sure that mirrors reflect something beautiful because you don’t want a mirror to reflect anything with low or negative energy like the trash bin from your kitchen. And before you add a mirror to your bedroom, think twice. Sure, mirrors can energize the room, which is great for sex, but will make it difficult to get enough sleep.

Feng shui is about a lot more than just moving around furniture and creating a home that is zen. Feng shui — just like meditation — is deeply rooted in mindfulness, noticing details and slowing down so you can truly experience the present moment, improve your well-being, reduce stress and invite joy into your life. Keep in mind, feng shui is based on the idea that we are interconnected with everything and everyone and we can create magic in our lives by simply gazing out the window, walking through a door or making our bed in the morning.

Joschi & Monika



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