4NEW is one of the best blockchain innovation to hit the crypto currency. It started as FRNC but the name had to be changed to FRN because the former was a French cryptocurrency. The waste and energy industries are usually reluctant to accept technology regarding their work.4NEW has come to solve this problem with great innovation.

According to the white paper, most operators comprise of mid-market facilities and tend to be specialists in locales they operate in. These operators represent approximately 50% of the waste collected and treated in the UK alone. Basically the whitepaper presented on fthe types of waste and thee included municipal solid waste, that is the common waste generated from day to day human activity, refuse derived fuel-waste from the construction which is mainly paper, light plastics, wood and textiles. The third type of waste is waste generated from automobile industry with used and run down tires. Last but not the least, healthcare waste — Waste generated from Healthcare facilities that can be hazardous.

4NEW ICO is still ongoing and it is looking promising and exciting. The project has attracted a lot of investors who are investing huge sums of money in the project.

This is the biggest ICO ever as the team is dedicated to their work. The team is dedicated and they have a nice telegram group where ythe questions can easily be answered. According to the whitepaper, 4NEW Limited will be selling energy to the end household consumers and the national grid. Given the captive consumer base, 4NEW will be positioned for rapid expansion in various cities by addressing two social issues with a very localized and scalable business model. This cyclical nature of the business plan will also enable us to sell the energy back at

Deeply discounted prices to the early adopters of the product thus leading to a rapid increase in market share. Please note, there are no landfill sites in the business model and waste will be simultaneously processed as it is collected. The team has tested the market and has increased the revenue by 350%.In the UK, the company is committed to bring great innovation to the limelight, which would go a long way to help the ecosystem. For instance, The 4NEW smart meter solution provides frequent feedback with up to 96 messages per day on a 15 min timed intervals compared to all other smart meters that currently transmit 1 message per day with up to 1 to 2 hrs timed intervals at best. This real time connectivity enables greater efficiency as consumers have the ability to monitor outages, consumption, cost in relatively real time.

Per the whitepaper, 4NEW has identified three sites to launch operations on within 2018. All sites are zoned and have planning permissions in place to construct waste to energy treatment plants.

From the ICO, the sales is going well, the earlier you invest the cheaper you get the price for the FRN, it is highly recommended to invest now as the price is really cool now before the end of the campaign in mid-December. Come on now and join the winning team.

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