Stakeit is a community driven investment token.It was created solely for the purpose of gaining profit .The main idea behind this innovation is to enable investors or holders of the token to gain profit on their fortune. The presale ended successfully in November,2017 with great success.The token is currently recognised as a legitimate token on etherscan with good prospects looking into the near future.


Cryptocurrency is growing everyday as new people are joining this great innovation which started few years ago with the introduction of bitcoin.Currently new coins are always springing up with the main aim of getting market value so users /holders can maximise profits on their investment or holdings.StakeIt is no different, the project is geared towards long term investment plan which would enable investors to enjoy great benefits on their stakes, thereby making effective use of their stakes.Almost everyone who ventures into cryptocurrency aim is basically one that is to make profit and enjoy great returns, stakeIT is no different from this concept.The project wants investors and early adopters to enjoy great returns. Thus StakeIt aims at long term profits on the stakes of individuals.


Basically during the presale period according to the white paper, you are free to hold the tokens just in your ethereum wallet and use it for whatever purpose you want to use it for.In order for you to use the token on the StakeIt platform you need to register an account on the official website which has been provided in a link in this article.There is also small cost of transaction in ethereum when you deposit an amount from your ethereum address and stake the tokens by purchasing from the website. A minimum amount of STAKE is required for each staking plans/tiers. This is to ensure that your tokens stake properly and also ensure a balance.

The presale is over now and the token is being traded on three exchanges already namely etherdelta,mercatox and idex.



Affordability and Transparency

As a decentralized cryptocurrency, the token is an excellent choice for cross-border transaction. There is little to no transaction cost and there is zero exchange-related cost. With StakeIt, you only spend your money for staking and you don’t have to pay for any secondary fees for something that you often don’t know about. There are no third-party money processing service that you need to pay and at StakeIt, you can expect the best investment and payouts. The plateform is designed to allow users to maximise profit and as they watch their investment grow .


Because the currency you use is digital and because currency processing is hardly needed, you can do the staking almost instantly. There is no waiting time and you can always enjoy fast transaction procedure. Transaction validations take only a couple of minutes or even seconds.

StakeIT is here to help investors maximise profit on their stakes.

Currently StakeIt organise giveaways on periodic basis to reward customers or investors for their loyalty.Invest in the project whiles it is still young and earn great benefits in the near future.


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