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Oct 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Many entrepreneurs are paying attention to the Bitcoin $114.1 billion market capitalization and the billions of dollars raised in the cryptocurrency space through initial coin offerings.

In simple terms, an ICO is one of the means used by new cryptocurrency start-ups to monetize their investment. It uses active pricing dependent on real-time demand and supply. The timed pricing strategy means that no central authority sets the price. Rather, the token price is dependent on existing market demands.

This method of raising cash to fund start-ups without traditional venture capitalists has recorded some remarkable success over time.

We usually hear about Bitcoin with a market capitalization of $114.1 billion, Ethereum with $21.2 billion and $18.2 billion for Ripple. But a fact less mentioned is the success of much smaller ventures and cryptocurrencies. Some smaller companies went from novel, innovative ideas to fully funded startups in less than three months.

The ICO Background Story

The ICO thrill that started since 2016 has been quite electric. So many ICOs secured funding in 2017 alone, which include:

  • A decentralized computing cloud named Dfinity with inherent smart contracts and an intelligent distributed autonomous organization raised $3.8 million.
  • Another smart contract platform called Aeternity which saves contracts off-chain to raise efficiency. Aeternity made about $11.4 million in its ICO. It uses a basic Oracle machine to read off-chain data.
  • Qtum raised $15.4 million: Qtum, a proof-of-stake protocol which execute smart-contract raised $15.4 million. The protocol works with Bitcoin and Ethereum distributed applications.
  • Another big earner is the Cosmos Network which raised $16.4 million. Cosmos is a network of interoperable ledgers to accommodate any blockchain and any programming language.
  • Lastly, Gnosis which is a prediction market protocol to enable the free flow of information, raised $12.3 million in its ICO.

In 2018, the likes of EOS, Ubex, Verasity and Bankera have also concluded successful ICOs. Many new companies seeking capital for their growth now have their eyes fixed on the initial success and growth of ICOs.

To date, examples of very lucrative ICOs abound in the many crypto-based companies that enable business models driven by the blockchain technologies. But the trend is going increasingly towards the emergence of new players in several facets of life.

The BoliesTV Opportunity

There are more than 100 product and service categories that are presently powered by blockchain, including: infrastructure, financial services, wallet, content management, data analytics, trading and investing and many others.

Entrepreneurs now realise the window of opportunity that exists in ICOs as a business funding mechanism. It is the reality of these possibilities that can be explored that gave rise to the Boliecoins ICO.

Boliecoins is the native currency for the BoliesTV video gaming ecosystem. As a gaming platform, BoliesTV is accessible to a global audience and it is clearly a revolutionary opening for gamers around the world.

For investors, BoliesTV is an opportunity to explore the global gaming industry which boasts of hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenues.

Is launching an ICO advisable for raising funds?

You’ve likely heard of the Initial coin offering (ICO) fundraising in the last few months, since some startups have already raised significant amount of funding this way.

There’s been good amount of coverage in relation to ICOs in the media, particularly as the cryptocurrency and blockchain world evolves.

Taking a more critical look though, there appears to be many information gaps in the emerging industry. This is more so for start-ups funding their ventures through ICOs.

One of the basic concerns for investors is the problem of definition of utility tokens, which has resulted in varying rights.

Nonetheless, the ICO is an interesting and largely successful tool for start-ups to raise funds for their ventures. Many industry leaders such as Bill Gates have given very supportive statements to attest to the potential of the digital currency.

The Boliecoins ICO is currently on and it is targeted at a global audience. You can become a part of the Boliecoins success story by buying your boliecoins today for $0.50 per coin.

Go to the ICO page here:

👉👉👉 https://boliecoins.com/

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