I was heartbroken. It broke my heart to see him give me a blank look. Kamini Kaushal About Dilip Kumar

Kamini Kaushal remembers Dilip Kumar in an interview conducted in 2014 -

A definitive chapter in her life has been her onscreen pairing and off-screen relationship with Dilip Kumar with whom she worked in Shaheed (1947), Nadiya Ke Paar and Shabnam (both in 1948) and Arzoo (1950).

“He liked to work on his character. I was spontaneous; I joked around. He’d say, ‘Tu bahut shor machati hai’.” she states. When reminded of their relationship that was not meant to be and the veteran’s reported confession in his biography that he was ‘shattered’ with the parting, she says with quiet dignity,

“We were both shattered. We were very happy with each other. We shared a great rapport. But what to do? That’s life. I can’t dump people and say ‘Enough now, I’m going!’ I had taken on the girls. I wouldn’t be able to show my face to my sister. My husband, a fine human being, understood why it happened. Everyone falls in love.”

Just recently, Kamini happened to meet Dilip Kumar at the late actor Pran’s chautha. “Saira (Banu) brought him down. They put another chair next to mine and made him sit. But he didn’t recognize me. I was heartbroken. It broke my heart to see him give me a blank look. He looked at me and I looked at him. Actually, he finds it hard to recognize anyone. I felt sad and walked away. What an era we have been through!” she sighs. “I hope he stays well.”

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