Our beloved Iggies beach bar after experiencing two category 5 hurricanes.

Dear friends of Iggies Beach Bar 🦎

Hello from beautiful Bolongo Bay,

We begin with a very heartfelt Thanks to everyone who has sent us their love, concern, support & encouragement during this last month — we are forever thankful to have so many good, caring friends of Iggies Beach Bar.

The love shown towards Iggies, our staff, and the entire Bolongo family has been a much appreciated silver lining of the storms wreckage.

In the month of September, the U.S. Virgin Islands were heavily damaged when Hurricane Irma hit on September 6th, and then, just two weeks later on September 20, Hurricane Maria, our second category 5 hurricane in just a matter of weeks. People literally had to go from recovery to preparations then back to recovery.

St. Thomas — in particular — experienced the severe strength of both storms, with 200+ mph hurricane winds, storm surges, and widespread flooding doing damage to homes, businesses, roads, etc. In just one month, every single person living in the Virgin Islands had their lives affected in some way. At Iggies, the damage was considerable as well.

Considering everything that has happened around us, you can understand why it’s hard to cry over a destroyed beach bar.

Still, we understand the important role even a humble bar in the sand like Iggies Beach Bar has in a small community, and your outpouring of support has helped us to not forget that.

Iggies is where our guests come to feel like locals, and locals always feel like our guests.

As one of the oldest & only family-owned beach resorts / beach bars in the Virgin Islands, it has been our great life’s pleasure for the past 40 years to serve people from all around the world.

At Iggies, we’ve been blessed to watch a place grow into something special, in ways we couldn’t have imagined. It’s where our guests come to feel like locals, and locals always feel like our guests.

That’s why we’re determined to bring Iggies back stronger than ever. 🌴💪

The US Virgin Islands has a very long road ahead. Nobody is naïve to that, and at Iggies, the road will be a long one, too.

What we do know is this; the people of the Virgin Islands are strong, resilient, and we’re determined to recover.

There’s something about our local spirit that makes it easy to believe in the recovery process. When you see examples of hope & gratitude on a daily basis from those who lost so much, you can’t help but be thankful, too.

And you know what — that’s probably why we’re not crying over a destroyed beach bar.

Sunny regards,

The Bolongo & Iggies family

Irma, a category 5, broke everything in her path, but not our spirit.
Maria, another cat 5, tried to drown us, but we can swim.
We are injured — but very much alive. 
Iggies will be back.

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After Hurricane Irma, we launched a Hurricane Relief Fund to help our staff at Bolongo Bay and Iggies. Hurricane Maria only intensified the struggles and damages. Please consider making a donation if you already haven’t, and thanks for your help!

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