Why You Should Know Your Team’s Productivity, in Real Time

Managing a team requires organization, leadership and quality decision-making skills. This can be a challenge when some employees are located in an office and others are working remotely. To assist with organization, it’s important to understand what your team is working on, progress updates and possible roadblocks. This allows for better leadership of the team, and the ability to make more informed decisions. There are a number things to be aware of when tracking your team’s productivity:

Task organization

It is critical that employees understand what is expected of them. This can be accomplished by maintaining a list of current tasks each employee is responsible for completing. One step that can help is utilizing technology such as a task management app. Using a task management app to detail the things employees are working on will simplify their day and keep everything organized, no matter where they’re located. These can also help employees prioritize their day more efficiently, be more productively and can allow for easy progression tracking.


Coming together as a team to understand everyone’s roles and responsibilities can assist in accountability. Making each person’s goals for the week known to the team will increase the likelihood that they will accomplish them. A transparent team will have a complete view of the “big picture” and their direct impact on results. Sharing goals will also foster team comradery, allowing everyone to feel involved even if they aren’t located in the office. By using a task management app, team members and management can maintain a consistent pulse on what’s being worked on, where they can help and even individual/team challenges.

Better management of resources

Understanding what your employees are responsible for is also key to being able to properly utilize and allocate resources. When working with contractors or remote employees, this can be especially challenging. By knowing where your team stands, their productivity level and the resources currently being used, you can ensure that tasks get completed and that deadlines are met. This will help to ensure employees don’t fall behind on tasks or risk missing deadlines.

Happier, healthier employees

Employees that have clear direction will be able to focus on their tasks and in turn, have a greater sense of accomplishment and happiness. This increases productivity, as research shows that happier employees are 12% more productive. That happiness can also come from helping coworkers, collaboration and feeling connected to their team. A positive working environment will foster creativity.

Being aware of your team’s productivity will ultimately benefit both your company and your employees. Understanding how your team works over time will allow you to better plan and make decisions, helping your team to succeed in a more efficient and effective way. In the end, this efficiency not only creates a happier, healthier work environment, it also helps your company to accomplish its biggest milestones.

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