Why Honda city is not getting its peak

The first cohort of Honda City was a subcompact car and manufactured by Honda manufacturer in Japan in November 1981 and after that a number of series were manufactured with small interval and Honda named them first generation, second generation up to six-generation in motorsports business. Second generation replaced the first one in November 1986 but after few months they updated their new version in 1989 and presented their final model of second generation in 1994. Third generation of Honda City was the production of 1996 to 2002 and was based on the EF civic podium and was intended for South Asia market only and launch with the slogan “Smart for the new generation”. Fourth generation was the product of 2002–2007 but was presented in the market in 2010. The fourth generation also called as Honda Fit Aria, Honda City ZX. This generation was imported from Thailand and launched in Japan. Fifth generation was presented in Bangkok in 2008 followed by launches in Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, china and Singapore. This generation also called as Guangzhou-Honda City, Honda Ballade and Honda City S. Honda presented its six generation (Honda Grace Hybrid; 2013-Present) on 25 November 2013 and were based on its third generation’s platform.

In Asian market, Honda City succeeded and become the icon of Honda manufacturer. Latest news about Honda City is that, it can’t able to compete with its rivals in Pakistan. The reason behind this sounds very bad because Honda manufacturer is busy in launching their new models in USA and the whole world are getting pleasure from Honda City 6th generation, we are still fasten with the 5th generation and also we get the very poor quality plastic and low-quality stuff of the car. We are bored with the old generation and waiting for the new one but there is sad news for the City’s lover that Honda is not going to launch its 6th generation before 2017 in Pakistan so don’t wait for it till 2017 but try the other model which is Honda Civic.