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What Nest teaches us about the emotion of hardware

Most startups proposition their products as obvious, rational purchases. Most of them are lying.

Can you show traction for a product you haven’t manufactured yet?

Absolutely. But it’s tricky.

There’s one thing investors look for that’s paramount to every other…

Don’t Miss Christmas

Being Jewish, this is an odd thing to say: I find myself promoting the importance of Christmas at least once a week. I don’t have tree-envy, and I’m into neither Jingle…

Kickstarter != Product/Market Fit

One of the more interesting changes for hardware startups over the past few years has been the advent of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Dear Packaging, I Hate You

On the strategic stupidity of high-end packaging

Few people hate packaging more than I do. There are the obvious reasons: environmental…

Keurig accidentally created the perfect business model for hardware startups

It’s no secret that investors don’t like hardware businesses. Despite the eternal frustration of…

Hardware By The Numbers (Part 4: Retail + Exits)

Objective data to help first-time hardware founders build great hardware startups

Bolt’s Partnership with Y Combinator

We can all agree that founding a hardware company is not for the faint of heart, and hardware startups can use all the help they can get. So today we…

The Next Chapter for Bolt

Man, the last 2 years have been a wild ride. Bolt began as a somewhat crazy idea nearly two years ago to the day. Today we’re announcing we’ve closed a $25M Fund II…

Hardware by the Numbers (Part 3: Logistics + Marketing)

Objective data to help first-time hardware founders build great hardware startups