Review: The month of May, 2017

This is my attempt to document my journey, to keep myself accountable, to help someone out there who might be facing the same challenges that I am battling.

{ This article is dedicated to Freecodecamp and Chingu Cohorts }

A few months ago, I set out on a path to becoming a professional web developer.

I build beautiful websites with WordPress, but I need to grow and improve.

A beautiful image from one of my websites

I want to learn how to build websites with pure code; be a programming ninja.

You see, learning to code is hard. You need the right motivation to stick with programming. It is not something you pick up overnight.

It takes time. Be patient. Work every day. Be committed.

The biggest lesson I have learnt in the past month: Be patient. It takes a lot of time to master a skill: several months and years. To contribute real value to the world, you have to patiently grow and take the time to learn. Persevere, be consistent, find a way to stick to what you believe in. Improve daily. Grow gradually. No one succeeds overnight, it takes time…

You have the time, invest it wisely. The time will pass anyway.

My goal is to build a complex web app from scratch using HTML, CSS & JavaScript (alongside the necessary frameworks)

I have a 3-step plan:

1) Learn how to build static sites with code; Front-End (Deadline: May 2017)

2) Learn how to build dynamic sites; Back-End (Deadline: June 2017)

3) Learn how to use frameworks; Vue/Express & Ruby on Rails (Deadline: July, 2017)

In the month of May, I started taking Udacity courses on Front-End development. I had come across Udacity’s Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree previously, but was put off by the $200 monthly price tag with an estimate of 6 months to completion. That is $1200; which is N480,000; I didn’t have that.

Then, someone in the wonderful Chingu community pointed out that the courses of the Nanodegree were free to take, but one wouldn’t just get a degree and all the extra tutoring that comes with paying for the Nanodegree. In summary, if you only wanted to learn; it was free.

At the beginning of May, I mapped out the courses I thought would help me achieve my goals.

I completed 3 courses in 3 weeks (investing approx. 100 hours). These courses were supposed to take me 7 weeks by Udacity’s estimate, but with a little focus and working almost daily, I was able to complete them in less than half the time.

The courses I took include:

- Intro to HTML and CSS

- Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

- Responsive Images

In the past 3 weeks:
I learnt how to build websites from scratch. I built my own responsive Framework. Built websites with Bootstrap and Converted Mockup Images to Code

The courses taught me how to extensively use the Chrome Developer tools, about the different Image types and Alternatives to Images { SVG, CSS, & data URI }, Latency & Bandwidth; optimizing my websites for the user, the various Responsive Images methods and techniques { srcset & sizes are awesome }.

I built a workflow { Node.js, Grunt, ImageMagick & FileOptimizer }

I integrated my learning to create a fun portfolio project; in which I converted a mock up to code, utilized responsive web design and responsive images.

The mockups I converted is available here.
The website is live.
The source code is available on Github

I have a few Front-End courses to complete, some cool projects to build and then I’ll dive into the Backend.

This journey is long and hard, but we need to persevere and stick to it.

Till next month, keep coding.