Andela Bootcamp Day 2 — Learning Amplified!

Today is another interesting day of boot camp. It’s a day in which I have to crack open all the faculties of my brain. It’s also a day I have to question if the popular saying — “The higher you go, the cooler it becomes” is viable. Obviously, this rule doesn’t apply to life at Andela boot camp as each day comes with a new level of hotness and challenge.

The day started with the ‘coding labs’ and we are asked to write a function which returns the reversed of any string passed into it. As easy as it sounds, my solution couldn’t pass all the tests because of the high level of technicalities involved. Wait, you are judging me, right? Wait until you take the test before you do so.

To be candid, one good thing I love about the boot camp exercises is the way it is structured. It is crafted in a way that ensures that one has to learn and apply something new each day. For instance, yesterday I had to learn all about Object Oriented Programming and Javascript and apply the knowledge in order for me to complete one of the tasks. Today, I have to read up HTTP requests and how to process chunks of data returned from an API call.

With the pace at which I’m learning and garnering experience at the boot camp, I can’t but imagine what I’ll be able to do in weeks to come! #Andela #TIA

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