Europol is afraid that the number of people affected by the cyber attack increase from Monday.

The massive cyber attack that began Friday has not stopped growing, and what is worse, the victims by the mass abduction of files across the globe will increase from Monday, «when people turn on the computer at work», said Europol director Rob Wainwright, during an interview on Sunday on the British network ITV. In the three days of cyberattack already more than 200,000 victims, mainly companies, are recorded in at least 150 countries. From Japan to the United States and from Russia to Botswana. «We carry out operations against some 200 cyber attacks a year, but we have never seen anything so,» stressed the head of the European police, who confesses the identity of those responsible is not known.

The global cyber-attack of ransomware (rescateware, for what that money should be paid to free themselves from the kidnapping of data), is a type of malicious code that encrypts the files on your computer as a hostage to request a bailout. It was from the Saturday afternoon controlled, the Russian firm Kaspersky cyber security analyst, but Europol – which has repeated that the attack is unprecedented – is back this Sunday to put the world on alert for a possible increase in victims and affected from this Monday morning.

Wainwright said that the fight against cybercrime authorities work with the hypothesis that the Friday attack has been carried out by criminals, and not by terrorists. One of its recommendations is not to pay any ransom, and indeed the police agency ensures that hackers have received a number «remarkably low» payments in concept of reward for unlock computers. The amount has not been specified.

The virus infected from teams from 16 hospitals and health centres in the United Kingdom, which already would be operational, until the of the automobile company Renault, in France, which has been forced to stop the production of several plants in the country, passing through the of the MVD Russian. Indeed one of the financial offices linked to Renault in Paris has announced imminent security measures both in the phones of employees table computers, explains one of its workers who prefers not to give his name. «Is currently preparing the arrival of collaborators from tomorrow [Monday] that examined the machines», indicates the company by e-mail. The company will distribute from this Monday to all its employees information circulars to the entrance of the building as well as instructions «with the stages to follow». Late in the afternoon on Sunday, the French company reminded all employees that first thing you should do to reach their jobs was to make sure that your system has the updated antivirus.

Europol, along with German police and several technology – such as Amazon and Intel – among other industry organizations, has developed a digital tool to respond to requests from users. It’s an interactive sheriff who guides the user to get rid of the cyber attack without having to pay any ransom. «It is not a secret that the ransomware has become a huge problem in the last time. An epidemic could be called», described the authorities on this special website. And it is that the number of casualties by these cibercrimenes were 718.000 between April 2015 and April 2016, which means an increase of five times more compared to the period 2014–2015. The Commissioner of safety, Julian King, already warned months ago in an interview with this newspaper of the threat that it is this type of crime to society and said that the fight against cyber-crime is one of its priorities.

The recent cyber attack large-scale «serves to send a very clear message: all sectors are vulnerable and should take quite seriously the need to operate with up-to-date systems and install all the patches that are available», said the director of Europol, quoted by Efe.

I want to cry

A rudimentary solution of two experts from the United Kingdom gave enough time so that the virus is not spread in the United States. Both studied how was the procedure of WannaCry, which is how he has been appointed to the malicious software that attacked on Friday and, according to Wired magazine, is a variation of a virus created in March. They saw that by proceeding to attack a new target, WannaCry (I want to cry, in Spanish) contacted with a domain name (an Internet address), which consisted of a large number of characters whose end was always «». They deduced that if WannaCry could not have access to that address it will start operating in wandering way by the network, looking for new sites to attack, to finish off, as it did. At the time that registered the domain that brake the advance of the attack, thousands of computers in Asia and Europe were already infected, but had hardly advanced in the United States, where there was time to put the patch and getting immunized.

Masked software that hackers have used to corrupt the system is, according to security analysts cited in the American media, one of the tools that a group of hackers, called Shadow Brokers, said having stolen the Agency of national security of the United States (NSA, its acronym in English). According to Wired, EternalBlue would be called.