North Korea focused suspicions of the origin of the global cyber with WannaCry.

Security companies and the intelligence services of several countries suspect the world cibersecuestro of more than 300,000 computers through the so-called ransomware WannaCry originated in North Korea. Researchers from companies such as Google, Symantec and Kaspersky – the first two of Mountain View and the latest Russia- and U.S. Government sources believe that the Asian regime could be the mastermind of the aggression, which has affected 150 countries, according to used codes and clues that has left the virus in its path. The evidence, however, still is inconclusive.

«I see that they are the same forms of. proceeding than in the attack of December 2014, when [the virus] infiltrated within studies of Sony Pictures [in retaliation for The Interview, a satire of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong – a].» «Then not only got to do with content, also unveiled the salaries of actors and directors of the film industry», has secured a supply of the security sector asking not be identified.

Experts also saw the hand of the Pyongyang regime in the attack on the central bank of Bangladesh in 2016 and several Polish financial institutions last February. The Google threat analysis group has observed the same pattern in the aforementioned attack and which erupted Friday. The newspaper The Guardian points to Lazarus Group, based in Korea of the North, as possible ideologue of the world kidnapping of computers.

The New York Times also agrees that some of the codes used by WannaCry match those used in the past in North Korean cyber-attacks, although he stresses that this is not a test of Pyongyang involvement, since Pirates from other countries could be copying that method.

Analysts assume that the tools used are which were stolen from the NSA, whose use released Wikileaks to denounce Government espionage methods. Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, the company’s Windows, has published an article on the corporate blog where wondered what would happen if the United States Army lost control of its missiles.

Global cyber attack: latest news.

«The ruling has affected customers all over the world,» says Smith. However, what this says is that vulnerable machines are which has not been updated. There are also many voices asking the Seattle that they force the formula used to distribute security patches. The gap used by WannaCry could have been neutralized if it would have been the latest version, released in mid March and, as it has been shown, ignored by millions of computers.

WannaCry requires a bitcoin digital currency payment to regain access to computers and has affected at least 150 countries, and beaten to health centres in the United Kingdom, large companies in France and Spain, the railway network in Germany, public bodies in Russia or universities in China.