So you are arguing to not use one’s own brain and instead listen to a fictional entity, whose words…
Philipp Markolin

Philipp, if you read the Bible passage then you will understand that the Fisherman Peter used his “brain” as you stated, to toil all night but caught nothing. As a human what do you do. You leave in other to try again next time. Its his job so He understands when there is no catch, you have to go and try again later. But here comes Jesus the Son of God, who tells Him to go back and try again immediately. He does and He catches a whole lot of fishes. Acting beyond the normal reasoning of men. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus, you will understand what I mean though. I get what you are saying, you believe Jesus is a fictional entity. I pray to God you have a personal encounter with Him, Then you will understand He is not a fictional entity but Life Himself. Thank you.

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