2 Peter 1:3-11
Vs 5-7
Add to your faith goodness
Add to goodness, knowledge 
Add to knowledge, self-control 
Add to self-control, perseverance
Add to perseverance, godliness 
Add to godliness, brotherly kindness 
Add to brotherly kindness, love. 
Vs 8
Possessing these qualities in increasing measure, will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Vs 9
But if anyone does not have them, he is shortsighted and blind, and has forgotten that he has been cleansed from his past sins.

We need to consciously add those qualities mentioned in verses 5-7 to our lives as children of God in other to be effective and productive in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Being stagnant is not an option.. Keep increasing your faith in Jesus, keeping on studying the more to know more about Jesus and what He wants from us. If you were good to someone before, be better, if you exhibited self control in a particular area before, try exhibiting it in another area, increase your perseverance, do all this consciously and you won't be unproductive. Stagnation leads to unproductivity. Keep increasing!!! Keep adding in other for the fire to keep burning. Strive to know more, to do more. The Holy Spirit is very available to help us in attaining all this! We just need to take this conscious steps to add to all these qualities! 
The moment you stop adding! You gradually begin to loose these qualities, because you would have become so comfortable with what you have and once this happens you become shortsighted and blind. You can no longer see what God has in store for you, gradually you begin to forget that you have been cleansed from your past sins. If you fail to add, you are vulnerable to fall back to your sinful life. 
Some people say to live for Christ is boring.. Well it will be boring to you if you refuse to add to the qualities you have. Of course stagnation will lead to boredom. But now you know! Add!!!!! 
See for example, if you constantly pray to God for house rent and He always answers you, then gradually it becomes normal to you, what if you increase your faith and pray for your own personal house, and God answers, what happens to you? There will be a new fire burning in you. This is because you have added to that quality! Posses these Qualities in increasing measure!!!!!!!!!!
Don't settle for where you are now! Add Add Add!!!!.

-Bongos Okoh