TAKE AWAY THE STONE!(What is it you have decided to bury and cover with a stone out of pain?)

John 11:38-43

Vs 39
 "Take away the stone," He said. 
"But Lord," said Martha, the sister of the dead man, "by this time there is a bad odour, for he has been there four days."

This was when Jesus wanted to raise Lazarus the brother of Martha and Mary back to life. At this point Lazarus was Dead for about four days before Jesus came around.

Jesus knew exactly what he wanted to do. He knew he could raise Lazarus back to life but Martha didn't know he had that ability.

There was something obstructing Jesus from raising Lazarus back to life. THE STONE THAT COVERED the tomb where Lazarus was buried. For this miracle to happen THE STONE MUST BE REMOVED FIRST!

In vs 39 Jesus told them this
 "Take away the stone," He said.. 
Martha replied Jesus saying 
"Lord, by this time there is a bad odour, for he has been there four days."

She was more concerned about the smell that will come out if the stone is rolled away, not knowing a miracle that could be bring her brother back to life, with every part of him intact was about to happen!

This brings us to our major discussion today. Jesus wants to raise something back to life in your life today!

Have you been in involved in a relationship that have made you bury and close the door with a stone to any other relationship?

Have you dreams encountered major set backs that have made you bury and close the door with a stone, to that dream?

What is it that you have buried and given up on? It hurts so much that you have chosen to bury and seal the grave with a stone. You don't even want to remember it any more.

You see when Martha told Jesus about, the smell that will come out of the grave, she was defending herself from further harm, imagine how it would have felt to smell the decaying odour of her brother's body. The pain of his death would have been aggravated!

The Stone was a blockade from any other further pain. But the problem with the stone is that it also blocks any possible miracle!!

Hey! I know you don't want to take that stone away, taking the stone away you think will bring fresh memories of hurt and serious pain. But this a message for you today! Jesus yes Jesus is about to do something beautiful in your life!! But if you don't take it away he won't be able to do anything!

Jesus wants to bring to you a fresh relationship that will be life to you!

Jesus wants to bring your dreams back to life! Yes He can!

Jesus is about to deliver you from that pain! He is about to bring extreme joy your way. What you thought was dead he is about to bring to life!!

Do you believe in Jesus? 
In vs 40 He said, "Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?"

THE STONE WAS TAKEN AWAY AND LAZARUS CAME BACK TO LIFE! Instead of the SMELL of a decaying body, a Healthy and full of life Lazarus came out!


As you decide to believe in Jesus to take the stone away, 
By his spirit you will rise from the ashes of defeat! 
The resurrected King is bringing every dead thing back to life!!

- Bongos Okoh