This is a word from God for someone or some specific group of people today! Please make time to read It!

Text: Luke 8:40-53

This passage tells us the story of a man name Jarius a ruler of the Synagogue. He came to fall at the feet of Jesus begging Jesus to go and heal his dying daughter! Take note of the word DYING!

Now on their way to his house Jesus was interrupted by the woman with the issue of blood, the one that touched the cloth of Jesus and got healed. Imagine what Jarius must have been feeling/thinking:

"I came to take you to my DYING daughter but here you are attending to someone else but I came to call you first ". 
He must have been angry for his daughter was dying and here was Jesus stopping to attend to someone else.

Then people came from the house of Jarius to say Your DYING daughter is now DEAD! Don't bother Jesus anymore. Hah! Imagine what Jarius must have felt. He would have been angry. The only one he hoped on to save his daughter was busy attending to someone else instead of him! Vs 49

Jesus hearing what the people have said and must have sensed what Jarius felt, said to him " Don't be afraid ; Just BELIEVE and she will be HEALED!" Vs 50

When Jesus went to his house and he saw people wailing he said this! He told them to stop crying and said "SHE IS NOT DEAD BUT ASLEEP!!!" hahahahaha!

Jesus went on to tell her to get up and she came back to life! Then he told them to feed her!

Today God is telling this set of people that probably have given up on God because you felt when you needed him the most, you felt when your situation was about DYING, he went on answering the prayers of those around you and let what ever you were asking for help for to die! God is saying! Don't not be afraid!! Just believe and you will be healed! That thing is not dead it is only sleeping but you have to BELIEVE in other for it to get up!

John 15:7
If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given you.

1. To those who's dream and aspirations seem to be dead and gone!

2. To those who have been waiting on the Lord for a child or children!

3. To those who have been waiting on the Lord for a spouse!

4. To those believing God for a Job!

5. To those who have worked hard but have not enjoyed the fruit of their Labour!

6. To those who have given up on the sickness troubling their lives.

7. To those who have been praying to God to change the attitude or life of their husband or wife or children or someone close to you!

8. To those who have believed God for a contract or appointment!

9. To those who have believed God for peace in their families!

10. To those who have believed God for peace in their country!

11. To those who have given up hope that they can't do without that particular sin or bad habit!

The message for you today is that your hopes, dreams, aspirations are totally alive but sleeping! Go back to God today and BELIEVE in him! He is ready to answer you NOW! DO NOT BE AFRAID ; JUST BELIEVE AND THAT THING WILL COME BACK TO LIFE! IT IS NOT DEAD BUT ASLEEP! TIME TO WAKE IT UP!!


-Bongos Okoh

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