AFTER THE MIRACLES NOT THE PERFORMER! (Where a lot of people get it wrong).

John 5:7-14

The man at the pool after his healing was asked about who made him well but he had no idea. Someone has just healed you from a 38 years illness and you had no idea who He was??? The Bible said that Jesus slipped away into the crowd but then if the man wasn't carried away by the miracle and had totally forgotten about the healer, He would have held unto Jesus. But he had no idea about the one who has healed from your 38 years old illness, without putting you in the pool.

John 9:1-41

Jesus healed a man that was born blind from birth. He spat on the ground, made some mud with saliva and put it on the man's eyes and told him to go and wash it at the pool of Siloam. The thing here is after the man washed his face and started seeing, the first place he went back to was his house! His neighbors asked him where Jesus was and he didn't know. In his case He just knew it was Jesus that made him well but He didn't know the where about of Jesus in other to refer other people to him. Did he really know Jesus or maybe was just excited about the Miracle. Ordinarily after washing his face and start seeing, the first place he was to run back to was supposed to be where Jesus was.

Is it possible that we are consumed by what Jesus does for us that we forget about the person behind the Miracles? Do we let him slip away? Will we be able to refer other people to him? Do we know his where about? Do we even believe in him?
In letting him slip away, it simply means you forget about him in the process of enjoying his miracle. Gradually your heart begins to turn away from Him. 
You see a lot of people after receiving miracles from God still doubt the existence of God when the need for another miracle arises not because God is not available to help them but because in the process of enjoying the previous miracle the pushed God aside. And the devil takes that opportunity to bombard their hearts with all manner of lies, so even though God is right there with them, they are never able to see him. He is always available but we are the ones that let Him Slip away, we are they ones that push him aside!

The funny thing is that the both men no longer knew his where about after the Miracles. What if the need for another miracle arises? What then? NEVER LET GO OF THE MIRACLE PERFORMER FOR THE MIRACLE . NEVER LET GO OF THE GIVER FOR WHAT WAS GIVEN .

The good thing about Jesus is that after they let him slip away or go, He never let them go. He still found them in both cases and asked one to stop living in sin and the other to believe in him.

Jesus is Still asking us to let sin go and to start believing in him today. He will always perform the Miracles for you. But Don't hold unto the miracle and let the Performer slip away! Don't!!!! 

-Bongos Okoh

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