WE/I HAD HOPED.. (When it looks like God is not coming through for you.)

Luke 24:13-33

This Passage is about the two disciples of Jesus that were going to Emmaus, after the death of Jesus and on the day of His resurrection. 
They were both discussing everything that has happened within that period and obviously as we got to see in verses 21, the must have been disappointed that the One in whom they felt Israel was to be redeemed through had died and is no more! They didn't even realize He was with them. Jesus obviously didn't reveal Himself to them as He wanted to see what they thought about their one and only hope! (Vs 15)They knew He was a prophet, they knew He was powerful in word and deed before God and the people but it seems they didn't believe all He told them and all that was written in the scriptures about Him(Vs 25) 
Isn't it amazing how we tend to loose hope in Jesus every time we face a trial or circumstance and our prayers are not answered immediately or its as if He is silent when we need Him the most or when we hope in Him to fix a particular situation for us. This was exactly what this disciples did. Because they could no longer see Him, they lost hope.. "We had hoped", how many time have you said that to yourself "I hoped Jesus would have come to my rescue", "But I hoped in you and you failed me". You have to realize this, Those who hope in God will never be disappointed!!!! 
Just like he was with the disciples all through He is always with you, He is attending to your problems, He is working behind the scenes!! When He died on that cross He was working behind the scenes to fulfill the Hope of the disciples of Him saving Israel. It wasn't even to save Israel alone but to save the whole world! (Luke 24:45-49)
He was with them all through, even though they couldn't recognize Him. He reminded them of the words that where written about Him. He encouraged them, He broke down the words to them. 
See Jesus is always with you during those difficult times, He is constantly reminding you of His promises, when it seems you are about to loose all hope He is there encouraging you.. "Believe in every word I have spoken to you! Don't loose hope I am with you! " 
Wasn't it amazing that they could have lost him along the way? But you see they probably didn't know It was Jesus speaking to them but the words that came from him gave them Life(Vs 32)!!! It encouraged them because of this they didn't let go when He acted as if He wanted to!leave them! (Vs 28) They held unto him and insisted He came to stay with them! 
Jesus is always speaking Life to us in every situation when we can't see Him,When He is working behind the scenes!! He keeps on giving us encouraging words until the right time for His glory to be manifested! 
In times when it seems all hope in Jesus is gone, the voice that gives you Life, the voice that makes you hold on is the voice of Jesus. Constantly hold on to that voice, never let it go! If you let it go, you start entertaining other thoughts, you start placing your hope in things that will bring you ultimate ruin! The disciples held on to him until their hope was restored!!! Hahaha hahaha... Their eyes where open to finally see their only hope (Vs 31).. But remember they held onto the voice that gave them life!!!! 
*Determine to hold on to to your hope in Jesus! See God has said in His word in Isaiah 49:23b "Those who hope in Me will NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED"!!!! 
*Determine to Believe in every word He has said concerning that situation!! 
*Determine to Listen and hold on to His voice that constantly encourages you while He is working behind the scenes to Manifest His glory!!!


Master Jesus please give me the ears to always listen to your encouraging words while you work behind the scenes to manifest your glory in my life! Help me to constantly always hold on to the word you have spoken concerning every situation I face! I believe and trust in you! Thank you for glorifying your name in my life! Amen!

-Bongos Okoh

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