Let’s Cheer To The Era Of $BONK

The Era Of $BONK Begins

$BONK is DeFi 2.0 on BSC (and will expand to other smart chains soon). As with the concept of DeFi 2.0 module, $BONK will never be worth less than 1 BUSD/DAI and its value may increase from our many projects that we have put on our roadmap to gain more BONKERs! We also plan to release arcade games on our platform (which is NOT an NFT) and 75% profit will go back to the investing pool as for the pool it works with the same concept of OlympusDAO (many thanks to their amazing idea).

Let’s Make More Profit!

Have you ever heard about the Prisoner’s Dilemma? It leads to the main concept of $BONK which is “BOND & STAKE”

  • If A and B each betray the other, each of them serves two years in prison
  • If A betrays B but B remains silent, A will be set free and B will serve three years in prison
  • If A remains silent but B betrays A, A will serve three years in prison and B will be set free
  • If A and B both remain silent, both of them will serve only one year in prison

How Do We Earn?

You may wonder how we earn profit, right? Just like any other DeFi! We earn 0.2% from each transaction as the liquidity fee and also 15% of overall profit from arcade games.

Let’s go with $BONK (Roadmap)

Private Time

Let’s Check out our Transparency

BONKERs will also act like a shareholder who can vote and raise topics on Snapshot as C.O.R.E. concept and you can see more details on our transparency here: https://docs.bonk.money/contracts/contracts

Let’s invest in $BONK

Our pre-sale price of $BONK now is: 1 BONK = 5 BUSD

How risky is $BONK?

Your money will never be at ZERO (not less than 1 BUSD/DAI) which means that we have already eliminated the risk of losing all you have.

Any Questions? Just Contact Us Here:




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