The name is Bon. Like “James Bond” but without the “D”

One interesting fact about me is that the possibilities are endless with my nick names. I’ve had friends call me “Bon Bon”, “Bonified chicken”, “Bon Fire”, “bonnaroo”. My very close friends and family call me “B” but you have to earn that spot with me.

Hello there! My name is Bonnie Wells. I do go by Bon or “Mr. Wells” for fancy occasions. Am I aware that “Bonnie” is usually a female-gendered name? Yes! But I don’t believe in giving inanimate things a specific gender — names included. I bet you can already bet that I am a feminist.

I am an LSU trans-male Mass Communications Junior. My concentration is broadcast journalism, and I’m minoring in sociology. I plan on going to grad school and getting an masters in social justice or gender studies. I am heavily involved on LSU’s campus, especially in the orientation sector. A couple of the organizations I’m involved with are LSU Ambassadors, the STRIPES program, campus life, and you can usually find me at the university recreation complex working out 5 days a week.

I am a very motivated person and I truly believe, in the words of LSU gymnastics coach D.D. Breaux, nothing great was ever done without a little enthusiasm. I set goals at the begining of each semester and fully stick them.

So let’s talk about the big goal that we’re all wondering: what are you going to do with your degree? What is your dream career Bon?

Well, grad school actually JUST came into the picture this month (August 2016). It began with my interest in student affairs since I’ve poured my entire college life into orientation programs here on campus. My original plan was to go into documentary work right out of college (which I still want to do along with grad school). You know the cool interesting documentaries that you watch on netflix late at night? Yeah, those. I want to film/edit those. I’m in the broadcast journalism program to keep my editing skills sharp and to learn how to relay great stories.

Then my plan evolved into music video editing because, the more video projects I was given for different organizations on campus, the more I realized I love putting video and music together. It literally brings tears to my eyes when video dynamics align with dynamics of a song. So to go this route, I just need to a cool internship with a great video firm (check out the deltree. They’re the type of video company I’d love to work for. Here’s their site:

For now, the plan is to graduate, then go to grad school out of state for social justice or gender studies, travel and do documentary work/music video work, then return to school to get my doctrate and become a professor. I would LOVE to teach an entire class on the interrelationships of media and social issues.

On to the next big question: Why am I taking MC 3031 - creative advertising strategies?

I want to know how to appeal to people through video. Products are services are my easiest test subject and I am hoping to gain more marketing and persuasive skills for my future editing projects. These skills can be applied to my PR-style video work in my future music videos and documentaries.

My main goal with my video work: to make an audience feel immersed in the experience I am providing. I want my work to be riveting, easy to watch and hard to look away from.

If you have anymore questions about me, feel free to ask! Also, I’ve tried to upload some of my video work, but medium said my files were too big. Please ask and I shall show you!

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