Who Cares how Creative I am

So for my MC 3031 class, we had to find out our CORE score. This is a score based on a chart of numbers and you measure your curiosity, risk-taking, openness and energy on a scale of 1–10 (1 being the lowest and 10 highest) and then you magically get a number that tells you how creative you are.

I gave myself 8’s and 9’s in all four categories — but also be aware that I had to google how to work this chart cause there weren’t any written instructions.

But here’s the point I’ve reached.

Creativity is subjective — purely subjective. I find that I am an open-minded curious risk taker with a lot of energy. (I’m a Sagittarius if that says enough). If I had to rate myself on a 1–10 scale on how creative I am, I would give myself a 4. I have the occassional good idea, but I’m more of an implimentor or executing type of guy. I can get your creative idea implimented for sure.

I disagree with using a chart like this to tell me how creative I am for a few reasons, so I’ll list those out.

  1. My creativity comes in with different types of projects. My strength is in music videos — I have a lot of creative ideas for music videos or video work. However, I do suck at coming up with names for things. Any brand or company naming will be done by my team because literally my imagination looks like the after math of Black Friday at Target when it comes to that.
  2. Your ideas should be what is measured for creativity, not your overall person. You can have one really creative idea and not have many others. Should we measure our creativity on quality? or quantity of how many creative ideas we have?
  3. While curiosity, risk-taking, openness and energy are all aspects of creativity, what about innovation? Or originality? How original are you? How innovative are you? How many thoughts have you had that you know not many people on this earth have thought? I would give myself a medium score for that, and to me, that’s the main CORE of creativity! Like I said before, you can be an open-minded and curious risk-taker with a lot of energy and not be creative. I mean for crying out loud I use a blog that automatically posts in black and white and doesn’t give you an option to customize your post background!

Also, can we talk about the fact that probably my girlfriend and mom are the only ones who truly care exactly how creative I am and therefore I find putting this on social media to be very anti-Bonnie Wells, and not something I would normally do. But hey! You have to take risks to be creative right?

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