5 of the Newest and Best Tech, Toys, And Gadgets For Parents (2017 Edition)

WowWee Elmoji

The Sesame Street version of WowWee’s popular Coji The Coding Robot. This robot teaches programming using a combination of logic and memory games, and…emojis. Just in time for the holiday season. (Available September 2017)

Aristotle Smart Baby Monitor By Nabi

One of the smartest baby monitors on the market, this system includes a WiFi camera and artificial intelligence. While we haven’t tried these features out ourselves, it supposedly can turn up lullabies when your child starts crying and can help your kids with school subjects.

Aristotle Smart Baby Monitor ($350)


Bonnie is a free recall monitoring service that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your purchases and alert you when a product you own has been recalled or has a safety issue. Over 900 million products were recalled last year including items purchased 20+ years ago, such as my Cuisinart.

Bonnie Recall Monitoring (Free)

REMI Child Sleep Companion

From our French friends, this Bluetooth-enabled baby monitor is a ghost-shaped clock/sleep trainer that uses lights, alarms, and facial expressions to teach them to stop waking you up at 5 AM. A fan favorite!

Remi Child Sleep Companion ($69)

TempTraq Wireless Thermometer

The Bluetooth-enabled thermometer patch goes under your baby’s arm, syncs with your smartphone app, and continuously tracks their temperature for 24 hours.

TempTraq Wireless Thermometer ($10)

Disclosure: This blog post was written by a Bonnie team member.

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