Why we built Bonnie

We are Chris and Matt LoPresti — two brothers with a passion for using technology to improve individual lives and society at large. We created Bonnie — a monitoring system named after our mother — that takes the spirit of her love and constant vigilance, combines it with machine learning and other smart, scalable technologies, and extends that protection to you, your family, and your home.

In 2016 alone, over 100 million products — toys, furniture, appliances, cars, food, medicines — were recalled by their manufacturers due to safety issues. Unfortunately, only a very tiny fraction of these recalled items were returned/replaced/disposed of, and many of them continue to reside in the homes of unsuspecting families. Checking every microwave, stroller, tub of ice cream, bottle, etc, one by one, on an ongoing basis, would be a full-time job at best, and at worst is actually impossible for a single human to do.

We think you have enough on your plate already — let Bonnie worry about product recalls so you don’t have to.

Visit us at www.Bonnie.ai