Updated Empathy Map Canvas
Dave Gray

Fascinating canvas. Thank You. This will be extremely useful in the humanitarian projects I’m working on in re-calibrating the brain by prioritising thoughts differently.

Upliftment starts with perspective of self. Thinking more about others helps change self worth and values. The moment those change, the ability to reach potential increases dramatically.

Reaching potential is a mental process denied many through the dire state of their lives where life-death priorities are overwhelming. Self worth decreases daily therefore thought for others, the earth, animals decreases in equal quantities.

Empathy begins with respect of self. To help with this I’ve designed a simple daily process to follow that’s easy enough for a child. This process was the result of my own torment and traumas getting in the way of my personal goals. Teaching myself a different way to get through the day that was easy to remember, practice and believe in has led me to finalising the study of Me in what it will take to reach my potential.

During this study I’ve learned to understand that my empathetic nature has cost me much in spending too much energy on others, allowing it to overwhelm me, forsaking myself and therefore my respect of self.

This led to me on a journey of meeting souls across the spectrum of society’s gradings. My greatest learning from this has been: what it is to be poor. I’ve also, thanks to this empathetic nature, had the privilege of insight into what it will take to get the people out of poverty. And living a basic, humane lifestyle.

Whilst I’ve been doing this I’ve been studying Digital and Technology uses within poverty alleviation and how to use it to grow people from the bottom up without disrupting business as we know it.

Empathy is the key to recognising the value in every human. With that as our focus, we will give every human equal opportunity to reach their potential.

I’ll send the link to the use of the canvas when complete, with gratitude.

At #Pi we do for the best benefit of all. Thank You for sharing your knowledge with us. 
‘Limitless opportunities exist to do things better. #Pi’