Why Do You Read?

I Read Because…I first began reading to escape my abusive environment as a child. When I became lost in a story, the world around me ceased to exist. Books filled the void of being parentless, eased the pain of being unloved, and kept me sane when I became depressed and suicidal. Eventually, books became my inspiration. I developed a passion of unfamiliar words and began to use the words I learned during conversations and encouraged my friends to so the same. This was considered a fun activity long before instant messages, texts, and tweets. I began to write poems, short stories, songs, and journal, but I’ve never had the courage to share or publish my work.

I read now to escape and to deal with stress. It is the only way that I can unwind. I must say that I’m happy that I’ve passed my passion for reading onto my children. My husband recently took a picture of me and our kids that I was unaware of. We were all in the living room in separate corners reading. The television was off, the house was quiet and peaceful, and we were lost in books.

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