Excellent point of view Jasky Singh.
Craig Kelley

Scenario: Several teenagers go out looking to intentionally harm people. They found a man. They beat him mercilessly and then they got in a truck and drove over him, killing him. It was all caught on video.

This scenario is heartbreaking. Presumably, the reader focuses on the violent brutality of the teens. However, let me add a few details.

Several White teenagers go to a predominantly Black neighborhood HUNTING for Black people to harm. They found a Black man, a plant worker in the wrong place at the wrong time. They beat him mercilessly calling him numerous racial epithets, and then they got in a truck and drove over him, killing him. They bragged about what they’d done. It was all caught on video. The mother of one of the teens insists her son is not racist, and that her son being tried as a murderer it’s reverse racism.

This is a true story that is ocurring right now. So, what would you tell the victim’s family to do? Take race out of the equation? That innocent man was killed because of the color of his skin and you have the audacity to tell the oppressed, abused, and murdered that they should view their mistreatment differently?! When we go about our daily lives and encounter idiots who chose to mistreat us because of the color of our skin, you don’t have the right to suggest to us how we should react or think. You have been blessed that your encounters were not violent or life threatening and I pray that never happens to you.

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