I ….. Am ….. Done …..

with the Bernie or Bust crowd. The takeover of the Nebraska Latino Caucus was absolutely beyond the pale. So I posted this article on my FB page and that is when I hit the proverbial brick wall. It came in the response to my post.


This was one of the responses:

“If Clinton wants support from Bernie voters, it’s probably a good idea not to keep saying whats wrong with them, but try to tell them why Clinton is a good choice over Trump. Because otherwise they are going to vote for Trump out of spite.”

And this was my reply:

Well, if they are willing to vote for Trump out of spite so be it. It proves to me that they were not true progressives to begin with and have no place in the Democratic party. Voting out of spite, shines a light on the fact they they are not committed to progressive causes and not interested in moving our country forward. Because a real progressive would never, ever under any circumstances allow Trump or the Republicans anywhere near the Presidency, or the Supreme Court. A true progressive would stand with their allies and fight tooth and nail to make sure the progress created in the last 8 years was safe. And that moving forward, work to integrate more progressive ideas and stance into our government and party.

Voting out of spite, smacks of childishness and, yes white privilege. If people who have for almost a year, championed a candidate who fights for the 99% of the country, the forgotten and left behind, if Bernie Sanders supporters are willing to turn their backs on that 99% , that speaks volumes about them and their commitment to our country and the progressive movement. I am sorry your candidate lost, but he did. My candidate lost in 2008 in a much, much closer contest. Did the Obama campaign have to pander to us? No. Because :

  1. Our candidate (Clinton) told us in no uncertain terms that as Democrats we back each other and that she was throwing her full support behind the presumptive nominee, Barack Obama.
  2. Having watched the primary I knew where both candidates stood on the issues and knew that we were very close in what we believed in. Much closer then the Republicans.

If Bernie supporters can not see the difference between Clinton and Trump on their own then there is nothing that Clinton can say or do to get them there. And if they can not see why taking over the Latino caucus was disrespectful, insulting and smacked of white privilege, then…. With friends like these who needs enemies?

I want the Bernie supporters with us as we fight for the house, senate, and white house. But if they can not see the urgency in focusing on defeating Trump and the Republicans, then as sad as it is, I am moving on without them. As I tell my students, you have a choice in what you do. And you, not anyone else are responsible for the consequences of your choices.