Man — And his One Track Mind.

No. This is not about how men can only think about sex. They do think about a lot else. ‘Lot’ not in the sense of what an average woman can think in their mind. But still, lots.

“What are you thinking about?”
“The word Fire,” he says.
I look around to figure out what could have triggered such a thought. No clue.
“Why do they say fire when they give orders to shoot? Why ‘fire’ a person when you take away his job?”
I am slightly puzzled. But okay, we all get random thoughts. At the weirdest possible times. So its okay if we are trying to decide the menu for the last ten minutes, and my boyfriend is thinking behind the profound meaning of the word ‘fire’.

Anyway. Coming back to the point. When I say one track mind I mean it in a very literal sense. A train of thought running only on one single track. Outside that track, the world stops. Time and space transcend only on that one track. If another train tries to run simultaneously on the same track, well it can only come after the first train has completely passed.

And hence most of these men can’t multitask.

Here is a simple example.

I decide to make pasta. I put pasta to boil on one stove. Milk for the sauce to boil on another stove. I start cutting vegetables for later.

He decides to make pasta. He puts the pasta to boil on the stove. He waits for it to be cooked. He then puts the milk to boil. Waits for it boil. Starts cutting vegetables when he realises he needs them. Doesn’t leave the kitchen the whole while. As if time will freeze and stuff will stop cooking if he leaves the kitchen area.

He ends up taking double the time. Expects my hunger clock to be on a standstill while he is in the kitchen. Sigh.

While talking to a guy once told me sex is like a form of meditation. At time, thoughts are totally and truly focused, and the mind doesn’t wander. Just what a yogi would want to achieve.

I was a puzzled. So, like, he did not get random unrelated thoughts during sex? I have asked my girlfriends and many told me that it was perfectly normal to think about cobwebs on the ceiling, or the sandwich you are going to eat later — while in the act. It does not mean we love the guy any less. It is just how we are wired.

Just a thought I wanted to put out there. I could go on but I ll save that for my diary, lest this becomes an endless rant of my grievances against my boyfriend.

Disclaimer: Obviously. I speak from limited, personal experience. This is an opinion, totally biased, and totally not applicable to everyone out there. If you did not connect with what I wrote, let’s just agree to disagree, shall we?