Planning to Plan out My Life.


It’s been ages since I last wrote on Medium. Not that there’s a fan club waiting in eager anticipation, but I had decided to write as if there was one. Obviously, I couldn’t keep up.

So what exactly did I do during this time? After a few weeks of slacking around, (and some stage performances) I decided it was time to gather my life back. Must get to my #Goals. LOL.

I have been waking up every morning with barely enough time to make myself presentable at office. Work. Come back home. Slump onto the bed and read Harry Potter for the 100th time. Try to sleep. Toss and turn around in the bed. Text boyfriend for attention. Give up and go to sleep at 2 am. Wake up and repeat.

Then I decided to get my life together. And what solution did my brilliant mind come up for that? A life organiser/planner.

Next step? YouTube search DIY planners. Spend two days looking at beautiful stationery. Wish you lived at a place where such things were really available for a dollar or so.

A week later I decided to make one for myself. It took me a good 4–5 hours to put it together. So now I have a huge planner. It is heavy and adds to the bulk of my bag. But I can’t leave it around because I believe that when someone gets a hint of what my unfinished tasks are, I never actually go around doing them. Same for life goals. I am superstitious that way.

The catch of the planner? I don’t know what to put in it. I am too lazy to actually plan my life out, let alone execute those plans.

And with everyday that goes by, the burden of the planner and yet another unproductive day seems to get heavier.

I need help.

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