Riffs on Vive/AsiaVR’s VR Development Bootcamp at DigiPen (part 1)

the following was posted late in 2016 on my blog, www.blacksteps.tv,

A big virtual hello to you! Welcome!

I would like to sincerely thank HTC Vive, AsiaVR and the host/co-organizer Roy Koo for putting together such an impressive workshop. Wow!

NOTES (not in any order…)

YiFei Boon from Unity giving a presentation

Quentin Staes-Polet, the Director of Unity for Southeast Asia made the observation that VR is not yet defined, pointing out that, historically, it took cinematography about 15 years to develop. He mentioned the Lumiere brothers and the early relationship between storytelling and cinematography that can be exemplified by movies like Trip to the Moon. Quentin also mentioned that Pokemon Go was made with Unity.

Because VR is so new, there is a need for evangelists of all kinds. The task of building a new media/artform/business model is so great that co-operation is understood to be more beneficial than competition; Sony and Oculus given as an example.

Viveport Vive Cinema


How ready is your computer for VR?

YiFei Boon…. “Content is King, Frame Rate is Emperor.”

YiFei opened his presentation by saying that this an era of learning, experimentation and patience. He touched upon real time story building. Speaking of buildings…

The viewer’s head is now the camera!

VR is 4D!

Related:I just discovered the work of Albert Hwang, who works with VR, art and dance.

Alright, I will continue with more link riffs and notes in another post. What follows next is a list of presenters and topics,.


NVIDIA VRWorks: Accelerating and Enhancing VR Experiences.

By Delia Hou, nVidia Unity best practices in VR /

Introduction to Editor VR.

By Yifei Boon

Unity3D GPU-coding for custom animation and effects (with Live HTC Vive Coding Demo)

By Martin Eklund. (Art Plunge)

Achieving Presence in VR.

By Joe McGinn, DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

(A TechCrunch article on Presence)

Asset Creation Process for Front Defense.

By Ethan Tsao, Fantahorn Studio (HTC Vive)


VR Game Development Experience Sharing

By Douglas Lee, Fantahorn Studio (HTC Vive)

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An Engadget article on a Breakdown on the costs of Character Development, by Jessica Conditt

New Era of VR / Vive X, the Accelerator Program

By weiging, HTC Vive (no links)

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Originally published at www.blacksteps.tv on December 7, 2016.